Angels are open

We have undertaken a workplace risk assessment to ensure that Angels is safe and COVID-Secure.  This will be regularly assessed and updated where necessary.

To support our protocols for safe working, we have made a number of changes to the building and processes such as:

  • Installation of Perspex screens in Reception
  • Installation of signage and floor markings to reinforce safety messages concerning hygiene and social distance and other internal procedures
  • Provision of more line-up space providing productions with separate areas to work in
  • Secure quarantine areas for costumes after fittings/returns
  • Provision of alcohol gel dispensers at all entrance/exit point to the building, and to the warehouse
  • Specialist devices to hold open fire doors, providing ‘touch-free’ access on main routes through the building
  • Toilets and washrooms are single occupancy, utilising ‘vacant/occupied’ indicators
  • Provision of Sanitising Stations (with alcohol gel and antibacterial wipes) in common areas throughout the building
  • Use of anti-microbial doormats that guard against bacteria and contamination 
  • Handheld UV Sanitising Wands that can safely sterilise costumes and accessories to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and allergy causing contaminants
  • Provision of personal protective equipment (gloves and face coverings) for our staff where necessary/required  
  • Increased cleaning regime, focusing on disinfection and sanitisation of common areas and shared equipment
  • Antiviral disinfectant and sprayers for internal use


We will also supply you with a document that lays out exactly how working at Angels will be together with the rules and processes that will be in force to keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions or queries please do let us know – call 020 8202 2244 or email