We have the largest collection of quality costumes and accessories anywhere in the world. Eight miles of hanging costumes in London. Together with a full Ladies and Men’s making and Alteration service we can supply any size and style of production to any budget

Costume Department

Our Costumiers are trained in all aspects of costuming and can assist designers in selecting costumes or put together costume looks for you.

Civilian Uniform

Angel’s Uniform department can supply all branches of police and civilian uniforms from many countries with all the necessary equipment and insignia.


Military Uniform

Our Military department can provide costumes from the adoption of recognisable uniforms in the late 17th Century up to modern day.

Jewellery & Accessories

Angels is an Aladdin’s cave of necklaces, bracelets, spectacles and crowns as well as watches, pocket watches, pins, brooches and chatelaines.


Suits of armour, chainmail, Roman uniforms and samurai outfits are just a few of the outfits available for hire. Browse our armoury department for an overview of what’s on offer.