Costume Department

Costumiers from all departments source, prepare and accessorise costumes, saving designers valuable time and the production money. A friendly, professional service in a great atmosphere ensures the perfect final result.

Experience in all wardrobe areas

Our Costumiers are trained in all aspects of costuming and can assist designers in selecting costumes or put together costume looks for you. Talk with our Production Directors about your budget and how we can best maximise your time requirements and needs. Angels offer a unique, friendly and professional atmosphere to achieve the perfect final result.

Industry leading workspaces

The calm atmosphere with spacious working areas provide designers with the creativity they need for their production. Our attention to detail and competitive pricing makes the Angel’s standard very hard to measure up to.

Costumes are arranged chronologically with the Men’s and Ladies costumes for each period close together to make for easier selection. Angels costumiers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about their craft. They can help with the selection, sizing, preparation and packaging of the most exacting of costume requirements.

Selections of Ladies and Men’s Hats are nearby to give the finishing touches.

Our collection includes original and authentically reproduced period costume.

A wide selection of different period costumes on 8 miles of hanging rail.

As well as 8 miles of costume we also have a large collection of original costumes for reference dating back to the 16th Century.